Welcome to Indianapolis

It’s no wonder you’ve been hearing about Indianapolis from your family and friends! It’s a city that’s perfect for those stretching their minds or muscles…offering big-city amenities in a convenient, easy-to-navigate package wrapped in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Indianapolis…it revolves around you.

The nation’s 12th largest city has gone through a dramatic revitalization and a stunning renaissance that makes it a different place than it was just a decade ago. Indy is the perfect balance of cosmopolitan style and small-town charm that makes it a successful destination for leisure travel, conventions and group tours, catering to more than 18 million visitors a year.  

Crossroads of America

Indianapolis is known as the Crossroads of America and is easily accessible from a wide variety of locations, as more interstate highways bisect our city and state than any other in the country. Not only that, but half the nation’s population is within a day’s drive, which makes traveling to Indy by car an attractive option for many.

If flying is more your speed, the Indianapolis International Airport offers travel on 18 airlines with 175 daily departures and nonstop and direct flights to 36 destinations. And it’s only a short 12-minute drive to the heart of downtown.  

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