Our Process

Utilizing a unique A to Z and Beyond process to insure a painless and seamless move, We operate with a sense of urgency for you allowing us to take the burden and mystery out of the entire process.

PDF PicStorial of Kim's buying process

1. Needs and Wants Discovery
: Q & A session discovering timeframe, size, location, and price
: Specifics discovery such as for beach, gated, golf or tennis and condo, high-rise or individual
: Provide financing options based on your wants and needs
2. Research and Find
: Search and find properties that meet your needs and wants
: Correspond to you that information via email, mail, phone and/or fax
3. Travel and Showings
: Before traveling, establish whether or not you are ready to buy
: Establish your time and travel flexibility and begin the elimination process by narrowing down your property selections
4. Choice Evaluation
: Begin due diligence - start looking at selling histories and resale values to insure that you do not overpay for your home
: Assessing your personal timeframe and when you want to move
5. Offer Stage
: Make an offer only once there is a timeline, a property and an understanding of the real value of the home
: Present offer and negotiate
: Validate offer
: Once the offer is accepted, we close
6. Inspection
: Facilitate the inspection, educate you on the property, coordinate dealing with the results
7. Closing
: Smooth the mortgage process by setting-up the title work, coordinate elements for the closing and make you aware where we are at all times
: Take possesion
8. Beyond
: Refer you to anyone you need-from interior decorators to painters to the best landscaping company in town.  I have even helped a new Florida transplant plan his wedding anniversary!

PDF PicStorial of Kim's selling process

1. Appointment
: Extensive question and answer session discovering your timeframe and goals regarding the sale
2. Look and Evaluate
: Determine the asking price through a thorough market analysis
3. List Property
: Get your home ready to list including staging the house for a better presentation along with educating you on the showing process
4. Market Property
: List your home on the local Multiple Listings Search service
: Make sure your home is well represented on the web, including Realtor.com, Tucker.com, MLS.com and kimthomas.com.
: Utilize magazines, newspapers, flyers, open houses, networking with other agents and companies, and reverse prospecting to announce your listing
5. Feedback
: Gather feedback on the presentation of the home from the agents that have presented it to their buyers so we can identify what is or is not working - then,  make changes where necessary
6. Added Services
: Help you with your move through F.C. Tucker`s Home-Link services (Indianapolis). If you are moving from Indy to Florida, you will be assigned a personal move coordinator to assist you with details such as locating churches, schools, restaurants, shopping, moving services, and changing utilities


We help you reward yourself, making it easy to connect to a vacation lifestyle by eliminating the burdens and uncertainties of buying a Southwest Florida home.
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