Building a Home

PDF PicStorial of Kim's building process


1. Appointment

Q & A session discovering your timeframe, size, location, and price

: Provide financing options based on your wants and needs
2. Builder Interviews with References
: Assist you with interviewing builders, including looking at past homes and communities, comparing them to competitors, and interviewing their references
3. Narrow Down Process
: Ask the builders selected to submit bids for build and design in order to narrow down our focus to a small group of builders
4. Choose Builder
: In choosing your builder, you should choose a design with resale in mind.  You decide how much of my involvement is needed.  Utilizing me can be very beneficial.  My experience, in many cases, can save you money, save you relationships (not dealing with the builder directly), help with fine tuning appraisals and help you with the inspections that take place several times throughout the build
5. Move In and After
: It will cost you nothing extra to utilize my expertise in helping coordinate services such as painters, decorating, and landscaping


We help you reward yourself, making it easy to connect to a vacation lifestyle by eliminating the burdens and uncertainties of buying a Southwest Florida home.
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